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Chaytna Feinstein



Predestined is a true account journaled by Chaytna Feinstein as she braved the overland route across Asia in 1977. In Part One, with only a vague plan and little money, Chaytna felt compelled to reach India. She went through interesting and unique experiences and she charmingly pulls the reader along with her.

Part Two describes her meeting with a remarkable being in the Valley of Gods, India, that changed the course of her life. This book is a trip worth taking!


Let's Learn Hindi

Let's Learn Hindi is unlike any other language book. It offers a new tried, tested and effective new method of learning a language. It has a user friendly approach that eliminates long hours of memorization. It also includes a comprehensive English Hindi dictionary and complete instructions for learning the Hindi script. It offers a new learning system that was developed after 17 years of research. 

A surprisingly easy-to-use book for learning Hindi

Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2002



Learning a foreign language such as Hindi can be both difficult and stressful. Having such a clear, well-laid out, easily accessible, user friendly learning resource has made the subject interesting, and enjoyable to learn. As a recent visitor to India, I can personally attest to its practical and useful nature by the number of times I have used Let's Learn Hindi.

Gary Miller MD FRCPC Australia

PREDESTINED impacted me with its stories of facing and overcoming difficulties. It was fascinating to read the author’s extraordinary trip in the late 70's across parts of the world that could never happen in 2021. This book had two remarkable journeys - the physical one, which was almost unbelievable in itself and then the truth-seeking one, which was just as riveting, with the greatest reward of all - finding yourself!” This book "stays with me" as all good stories do.

Siri Yardumian Hurst, educator, PA, USA


Travel back forty-five years in time; immerse yourself in an overland trip, through Europe to India, that was as easy to take as catching the next bus or train. All you needed was your passport, guitar, a few dollars and most of all, a spirit of adventure that you knew would take you to where your heart wanted to go. I loved it.

S. Fyson Randall, NL, Canada

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