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About Chaytna


Chaytna D. Feinstein, born Canadian has lived in the Himalayas of northern India since 1977. Inspired by the beauty and depth of the traditions, knowledge, and culture of India, she has devoted years to the study of Hindi and Sanskrit scripture and literature, as well as Indian philosophy. She teaches Hindi to students of all ages, from all backgrounds and professionals.

Chaytna has also been meditating, doing yoga and writing about the local life around her for over 40 years. She is an avid gardener, growing all her own vegetables and is also an animal lover. She helps many people take care of their dogs, cats and other animals.

Written for the Foreword of Predestined - Heather Sickles, her editor.

“Chaytna is a unique person as well as a dreamer. Her defiance of what was normal, safe or ‘wise’ is what gave her to the strength to be the character she is. The name Chaytna means consciousness in Hindi and she has been deeply inspired by the name’s meaning to try and acknowledge all life as the very same consciousness. Perhaps it also contributes to her gift of giving an unending stream of sincere compassion to all beings that are suffering, especially animals.”

Written for the Introduction of her Poetry Book - Robert William Eaton, Author & Teacher

“Precocious and impatient to taste the world, Chaytna had left home at 15 to travel. Supporting herself by working here and there, by the time she was 21 she had been through North America, Europe, Israel and eventually traveled overland through Asia to India where she still resides. Knowing her well, I can say that her period of travel was not one of simple sight-seeing. It was a search, a quest in the tradition of which literature speaks.”

A Poem from Chaytna’s Poetry collection:

A Design

A design

Unravels in each frame

That holds you

That houses me.

A plan

Simple to understand

Nothing more than happiness

Was meant for human beings.

The purpose is centered

On what goes on inside

The design uncurls


All should be clear

Upon awakening each morning

We see everything.

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