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Poetry by Chaytna Feinstein


Description for Poems


This collection of poems was written between 1975 and 2003 while traveling across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and India. Perhaps it is a travel log or perhaps it is just a running dialogue of a human mind.

The concept of understanding life as a journey was introduced to me by my Guru in India. At our very first meeting, I had a sense of having known him forever and understanding him ‘somewhere.’ However, I had to write many poems to fathom the depth of his words.


Many of the poems were written on ‘the road’ before India; in buses, trains, small hotels, restaurants, traveling to or from the cities of Jerusalem, Paris, Athens, Rome, Tehran, Kabul, Peshawar, Amritsar, etc. They reflect observations of what I called then, my outer journey. Other poems were written about the inner journey I took when I lived alone in a small, simple cottage in the Himalayas, India. After a great deal of self study I eventually realized that the inner and outer journey were not actually separate.


Hopefully, these poems convey the peace and understanding that arrived after a great deal of contemplating and meditating, and produced the ability to live life with joy and grace. The journey is basically the same for all. Only the description of it is different. I hope you enjoy my rendition and see yourself in parts of it.

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